What is Safe.Shop?

Safe.shop is the overarching trust mark for buying goods & services online. The trust mark is issued by the Ecommerce Foundation.

Nearly each country has local reliable organizations which validate the trustworthiness of local web shops. These Certification Partners are given the right by the Ecommerce Foundation to issue the Safe.Shop trustmark based on the Global Ecommerce Code of Conduct

If you see the Safe.Shop trust mark, you know the web shop is reliable and upholds all Safe.Shop Guarantees including your own national consumer rights. All web shops are annually (re-)certified.

The Safe.Shop Guarantees

The company exists
You know what, when & how you buy
What you buy is what you get
Prices are clear & complete
Right to return within 14 days
Your privacy is protected
All reviews shown and real
Complaints are handled fast & fairly
Delivered as promised
Your consumer laws apply
Payment is safe

Shop with confidence

The Safe.Shop trust mark helps me to shop online accross the border with confidence.

- Prof. Dr. Luzi Abraham

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