Certification Terms 

Not all companies can become Certification Partners. Certification Partners have to comply with the following conditions:

It is recommended that the controlling body shall be separate from the publishing body, meaning that the organization which can provide a certificate to a Merchant and receives financial compensation for it, is not the same organization as the organization that can certify the Merchant.

The controlling organization shall receive a fixed amount of compensation, regardless of whether a retailer receives a certificate or not.

The controlling body shall:

  • Be an organization (and not a natural person) with an executive board independent from the publishing body.
  • Have demonstrable experience in consumer law in the country in which the retailer is headquartered. Demonstrable experience can be proven by having at least one staff member with a degree in (consumer) law.
  • Be familiar with the Global Ecommerce Code of Conduct and be able to certify Merchants based on this framework.
  • Have defined a uniform certification process in which all elements of the Global Ecommerce Code of Conduct have been validated.
  • For benchmarking and quality assurance purposes register how many Merchants it has denied the Safe.Shop certificate (% per year) and which merchant certifications it has recalled (% per year).
  • Treat all information received from the Merchant before, during and after the certification process with due care and confidentiality.

The publishing body shall only issue the Safe.Shop certificate to retailers validated and approved by the controlling body.

Staff of both the controlling and the publishing body may not have a financial interest in or other relationship with the Merchants they certify.

Both the controlling body as well as the publishing body shall cooperate in annual as well as ad hoc validation of the rules for the issuing of the Safe.Shop certificate as described above.

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