Costs of Joining Safe.Shop 

The costs of the Safe.Shop trust mark are based on two components: a contribution fee and a certification fee.

1. Contribution Fee 

The annual contribution fee depends on the level of your sales (online and offline combined). Larger merchants pay more because they also profit more from the Safe.Shop trust mark.

Sales                    Annual Fee              Disputes handled

< 1 million                 € 99                               1 

1 - 5 million               € 499                             5

5 - 10 million             € 999                             10

10 - 30 million          € 2999                            30

30 million >               € 4999                           50

For each additional dispute handled, you pay an extra fee of € 99. You will of course receive a warning ahead if you have exceeded your quota. 

2. Legal Certification Fee

The annual certification fee depends on the level of certification:

  • According to the Global Ecommerce Code of Conduct costs €60,-.
  • Legal certification according to the laws of a specific country costs €499,-. 

We can validate your webshop for the national laws of 40+ different countries.

Association Discounts

Certification fees can often be waived if you have already been certified by one of our Certification Partners. For example, if you already have been certified by for Dutch law, you do not have to pay for legal certification and you can show the Safe.Shop 5 star logo in the Netherlands. Outside the Netherlands you can show the 4 star logo as also does a Financial Check and an Online Security Test as part of its certification. 

Certification Levels

Three levels of certification are offered:

If your web shop is in accordance with the Safe.Shop Global Ecommerce Code of Conduct you are allowed to show the Safe.Shop three stars logo worldwide. Prices start at € 159,- per year (€60 for the Legal certification fee and a minimum of €99 for the Contribution fee).

The Safe.Shop 4 star logo offers additional trust to consumers by including our Online Security Test (prices start at €70) and Financial Check (€60). It also helps you make your webshop more secure. Prices start at € 289,- per year (€60 for the Legal certification fee, a minumum of €99 for the Contribution                                                      fee, a minimum of €70 fo the Online security test and €60 for the Financial                                                      check).

The Safe.Shop 5 star logo includes all of the above plus we check if your webshop meets the national laws of a specific country. Within the country chosen you can show the Safe.Shop 5 star logo. Prices start at €728- per year (€499 for the Legal certification fee, a minimum of €99 for the                                                                  Contribution fee, a minimum of €70 fo the Online security test and €60 for                                                      the Financial check).


Go Global!

''The consumer today does not think in borders, therefore we as cross-border retailers are in dire need of a global trustmark like Safe.Shop.”

- Alon Ben Joseph, Owner Ace Jewelers Group

From Belgium to China

''We started in the Netherlands, expanded to Belgium and Germany and now also sell in China. Ecommerce is becoming global, faster than we think. A global trustmark belongs to global expansion.''

- GeertJan Smits, Managing Director Flinders

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