Fake Product Scan

In cooperation with REACT Safe.Shop offers a fake product (more accurately called an anti-counterfeiting) scan. The scan is especially useful for market places and retailers selling a large variety of products. Use the Fake Product scan to prove you are doing your utmost to combat counterfeit products.

The scan of your website is based on the photographs (style, fabrics, labeling & packaging), the title of the offerings and the description of the goods that you provided.

The scan is done for three types of intellectual property right violations:

  • Counterfeiting of products: the sales of products which are identical or confusingly similar to genuine products which are protected by intellectual property rights, is called counterfeiting. 
  • Copyright infringement: the use of images and other works protected by copyright law without permission.
  • Unauthorized use: of a logo and/or trademark which are protected by a trademark and/or copyright.

Bear in mind that REACT cannot guarantee with 100% certainty that the offerings on your site are not fake, for many reasons: images of original goods can be used while other products are shown; certain brands might not yet be known to REACT, etcetera.

REACT maintains therefore that it cannot conduct a full comprehensive pre-screening process to account for all violations. Thus, the ability to post such auctions of infringing merchandise does not mean per se that the sale of such merchandise is legal.

When rewarding the Safe.Shop - Fake Product Scan, this does not deprive individual rights owners from the right to act against alleged infringements.

Before granting the Safe.Shop - Fake Product Scan you need to include in your conditions:

  • An obligation to reimburse the price of the products, in case delivered products prove to be fake (to be determined by a rights owner and/or REACT).
  • An obligation to include a reporting system / a Notice and Take Down procedure according to up to date standards.

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Although our brands are global, consumers not always know they can also buy our brands directly. I believe Safe.Shop can help the consumer make the last small step.

- Carlo Klaasse, Ecommerce Manager Branded

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The consumer today does not think in borders, therefore we as cross-border retailers are in dire need of a global trustmark like Safe.Shop.”

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