Questions & Answers

Do I have to sell globally?

No, you do not have to sell globally to carry the Safe.Shop trust mark. In fact, you may chose to carry the trust mark even if you only sell in your own country as long as you adhere to the Safe.Shop Code of Conduct.

How can I apply?

In order to apply for Safe.Shop you can simply visit our application page and fill in your details.

Can I apply as a private person?

Currently it is not possible to apply as a private person, but we are working on changing this. If you are interested, feel free to contact us.

What if I am already certified in my own country?

Safe.Shop works together with local trust partners. If you are already legally certified in your own country, the certification costs may be waived. Please contact us, if this is the case.

Do I have to pay for Safe.Shop?

Yes, each service provided requires payment. For more information you can refer to the following pages:

What are the costs of Safe.Shop?

Each service is priced differently. You can look up the prices of each service on the following pages:

How do I implement the Safe.Shop logo on my webshop?

It should take a developer about 5 minutes to implement and test the Safe.Shop logo script. 


Add the following line to every page in the header


<script src="" lang="nl"></script> 


With the language you can determine the language in which the pop-up is shown.


For example:

  • English: lang="en" 
  • Dutch: lang="nl"
  • Chinese: ="zh"


A full list of all language codes you can find on Wikipedia.


If you do not use lang"=xx", the language of the browser will be used.


Implement this piece of code where you like to show the logo (we recommend both header, footer as well as on the product detail page).


<div class="safeshop-logo"></div>

Go Global!

''The consumer today does not think in borders, therefore we as cross-border retailers are in dire need of a global trustmark like Safe.Shop.”

- Alon Ben Joseph, Owner Ace Jewelers Group

Expand with Safe.Shop

''Although our brands are global, consumers not always know they can also buy our brands directly. I believe Safe.Shop can help the consumer make the last small step.''

- Carlo Klaasse, Ecommerce Manager Branded

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